10 Best Bluetooth Game Controllers For Android Phones (2023)

Top 10 Best Bluetooth Game Controllers For Android Phone 2022 Reviews

The best Bluetooth game controllers for Android phones have assisted gaming on Android with turning into substantially more habit-forming! Sufficiently genuine, a few games on the Android working framework are far more enjoyable to play with a controller.

Whether on a tablet or smartphone, they upgrade the user’s gaming experience. Additionally, a few games are way simpler to play on a controller than through touch, and you’ll end up beating them and cruising through levels much faster.

Messing around on your phone or tablet doesn’t need to be an exhausting or baffling experience. A versatile and reasonable controller might be only what you really want to alleviate that pressure. So in this article, we investigate the best controllers for gaming on Android.

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Comparison Table of the Best Bluetooth Gaming Controller for Android Phones

To start things off, have a look at this comparison table of the best Android game controllers.

Image Product Price
Xbox Core Controller – The best game controller for Android overall
Check Price on Amazon
Razer Kishi – The best premium game controller for Android phone
Check Price on Amazon
SteelSeries Stratus Duo – The best budget game controller for Android phone
Check Price on Amazon
Razer Raiju Mobile – The best game controller for Android phones
Check Price on Amazon
iPega PG-9083S Wireless – The best game controller for Android tablets
Check Price on Amazon
GameSir T4 Pro – The best game controller for Android TV
Check Price on Amazon
PowerA Moga XP5-X – The best wireless game controller for Android phone
Check Price on Amazon
GameSir X2 – The best telescopic game controller for Android phone
Check Price on Amazon
PlayStation 5 DualSense – The best console controller for Android phone
Check Price on Amazon
8Bitdo SN30 Pro Wireless – The best retro game controller for Android phone
Check Price on Amazon

Top 10 Best Bluetooth Game Controllers For Android Phones In USA 2023 Updated Reviews

1. Xbox Core Controller – The best game controller for Android overall

61z3GQgEPZL. SX425 min


  • Good grip texture
  • USB Type-C connectivity
  • Ergonomic design for a variety of different sized hands


  • Loud, clicky d-pad
  • No rechargeable battery
  • Analog triggers need to be pressed down more to get the same result as the original controller

It’s an obvious fact that Microsoft is great at making game controllers. Each emphasis of their Xbox controller refines the plan they’ve been using since the time the Xbox 360 days rather than attempting to waste time. They’re viewed as the absolute best controllers for PCs, which is the reason most outsider controllers are designed according to them. The new Core Controller made for the Xbox Series S/X is our pick for the best gaming controller for Android generally speaking.

It’s really reasonable for such another piece of name-brand tech, and early audits have been amazing. A straightforward extending mount like this one here is everything necessary to make this an optimal controller for versatile gaming, notwithstanding its inherent similarity with Xbox and PC.

Our main protest is that it does exclude a battery-powered battery.

2. Razer Kishi – The best premium game controller for Android phone

71AB3yLwNL. SX425 min


  • Clickable analog sticks
  • USB Type-C offers very low input latency
  • Offers a nice weight ratio to play in any orientation


  • Battery life isn’t the best
  • Can’t use with wired earphones
  • Doesn’t work with most phone cases

Assuming that you have an Android phone and you need the best superior choice you can get hands-on, you’ll struggle to observe anything better than the Razer Kishi. Rather than basically cutting onto a controller, the Kishi transforms your phone into a gamepad comparable in shape to the Nintendo Switch but with a design that is more Xbox.

It associates with your phone using a USB Type-C port, which guarantees a quick, simple, and stable association that is limitlessly better compared to Bluetooth. It additionally falls onto a solitary, minimal piece. This makes it staggeringly versatile. A couple of other adjustable controllers are intended to fit a large number of Android gadgets, yet none offer Kishi’s scope of usefulness.

3. SteelSeries Stratus Duo – The best budget game controller for Android phone

81EkNGh8rEL. AC SX425 min


  • Under $50
  • Multiple connectivity options
  • Comfortable, ergonomic design


  • Very short trigger throw
  • Sharp ridge where thumb rests on d-pad
  • Mushy centering dead zone on the left stick

Try not to need to pay far too much for a controller. SteelSeries has gained notoriety for quality gaming parts for a minimal price. Their Stratus Duo wireless gaming controller is an unimaginable piece of equipment, and it comes at a really sensible cost. It additionally could actually be the best Android game controller for Fortnite.

The Duo gets its name because it has two strategies for wireless availability. You can either combine it with your gadget over traditional WiFi or with a super-quick 2.4 GHz association. It likewise has a battery-powered battery that guarantees twenty hours of existence with relentless use and the capacity to play while charging.

SteelSeries demonstrates that reason doesn’t mean modest all the time.

4. Razer Raiju Mobile – The best game controller for Android phones

51kW0idQVL. SX425 min


  • Rubberized grips
  • Solid build quality
  • Comfortable, ergonomic design with built-in phone mount


  • Firm d-pad buttons
  • Stick covers feel slippery
  • Phone mount makes it very top-heavy

In the event that you’re searching for the best controller for Android Phones, you should think about the Razer Raiju Mobile. This one is ideal for cutthroat gaming since it comes outfitted with an extraordinary “Hair-Trigger Mode,” which trims down on the invitation of the shoulder fastens, and holds them back from going right down.

The Raiju has an Xbox-style design with an inherent phone mount. It can interface wirelessly over Bluetooth or in wired mode over the USB Type-C.

5. iPega PG-9083S Wireless – The best game controller for Android tablets

61nhsPBfPDL. AC SX522 min


  • Under $50
  • Sturdy build quality
  • Works with phones and tablets


  • Reports of noticeable latency
  • Does not support above iOS 13.4
  • Does not work with every Android game

Got something somewhat greater than a phone? Observing an appropriate controller for an Android tablet can be interesting. Most adaptive controllers are worked in view of phones, and you’re certainly not going to have a good time attempting to adjust a tablet on top of a gamepad. Enter the iPega PG-9083S!

This person is an adjustable controller intended to fit different tablets (and phones) and works with Android 6.0 or higher. Make certain to make sure that your tablet is on Pega’s endorsed list, then, at that point, partake in this reasonably better approach to the game!

6. GameSir T4 Pro – The best game controller for Android TV

51SZfiQ1hL. SX425 min


  • Under $40
  • Comes with a phone bracket
  • East and fast 2.4 GHz Connection


  • Mushy triggers
  • Very lightweight
  • Cheap plastic build quality

In the event that you have the Android working framework on your savvy TV, you essentially as of now have a gaming framework worked in! Things being what they are, which is the best game controller for Android TV?

The GameSir T4 Pro is a reasonable gamepad that has three sorts of networks. It can use Bluetooth 4.0, 2.4GHz wireless, or USB Type-C. The 2.4GHz is the just one appraised to associate with Android TV, yet all the same that is fine. 2.4 GHz makes for a lightning-quick wireless association that uses less battery duration.

Talking about battery duration, the T4 accompanies a 600mAh battery-powered Type-C battery, which apparently can oblige as long as thirty hours of game time. It additionally accompanies a phone section to switch off the TV and use it in a hurry!

7. PowerA Moga XP5-X – The best wireless game controller for Android phone

71yPYnmNMRL. SX425 min


  • Compatible with Xbox games
  • Comes with a top-quality phone bracket
  • Charges your phone while you play with an integrated power bank


  • No, vibrate function
  • Doesn’t work with COD Mobile
  • Needs a wired connection with a PC

Wires can get muddled quickly. The PowerA Moga is our pick for the best Bluetooth game controller for Android. It was planned with Xbox’s assistance to be an ideal controller for the Xbox Game Pass real-time feature, making it an incredible choice for basically every AAA title out there. It has two adjustable fastens and accompanies a phone mount that AndroidCentral calls the “best for Xbox One controllers.”

The best wireless game controller for Android likewise has an incorporated power bank, which can charge your phone as you play. Get this assuming you need a wireless controller for your Android gadget that is appraised for blockbuster games.

8. GameSir X2 – The best telescopic game controller for Android phone

51VMzcSPDXL. AC SX425 min


  • Switch-like design
  • Responsive analog sticks
  • The buttons are all satisfyingly clicky with no mushy feel


  • Can’t remap the Nintendo-style button layout
  • It only works with mid-sized Android devices
  • Flexible USB Type-C plug can be difficult to plugin

Favor a controller that transforms your screen into a Nintendo Switch-like gamepad rather than simply mounting it on top? The GameSir X2 is a superb option in contrast to the Razor Kishi for individuals who are inclined toward a Nintendo’s design to an Xbox’s.

It has an adaptable USB Type-C association to keep from unintentionally harming your phone’s port with consistent use. There’s likewise a hole in the back for wind current, and it has a screen capture button so you can catch and impart your best gaming minutes to companions!

9. PlayStation 5 DualSense – The best console controller for Android phone

612bjwBuobS. SX425 min


  • Haptic feedback
  • Comfortable ergonomics
  • Works with Android, Windows, PS3, and PS4


  • No official Steam support yet
  • Doesn’t come with a charging cable
  • Haptics only work with the PS5 for now

Xbox might be the controller lord for some, yet there’s a similarly energetic fanbase around Sony’s new contribution. The PS5 DualSense controller is a show-stopper of design. Its new haptic criticism innovation replaces the outdated rumblers that controllers have been using since the PS1 days with double actuators. This makes for dynamic vibrations that can “recreate the sensation of everything from conditions to the backlash of various weapons.” It likewise has versatile triggers that change the power required in view of what you’re doing.

We adored it in our audit of the PS5. The DualSense takes care of business with Android, however, a portion of these highlights just works with the control center it was worked for. Support for these elements might come from here on out. Until further notice, it’s as yet a strong choice assuming that you are (or expect to be) a PS5 proprietor and you need to have the option to go this way and that with your phone.

10. 8Bitdo SN30 Pro Wireless – The best retro game controller for Android phone

71ndj4zMw L. AC SX425 min


  • Under $50
  • Responsive d-pad and buttons
  • Retro Nintendo design and color palette


  • Smartphone clips sold separately
  • Not ideal for people with large hands
  • No dedicated power switch or pairing button; you need to use the start and select button, which can lead to accidental unpairing

Love retro games? Got a GBA emulator on your phone and searching for a controller that catches that old-fashioned feel? Permit me to present the 8Bitdo SN30 Pro Wireless. This controller has that exemplary SNES look and feels that is certain to fuel every one of those wistfulness-filled gaming meetings.

It works incredibly with phones, yet you need to purchase the smartphone cut independently.

The SN30 Pro associates through Bluetooth and works with Android to Raspberry Pi. It isn’t 100 percent dedicated to Nintendo’s unique plan, in any case. A couple of joysticks and four shoulder buttons make it much more qualified for present-day titles!

Best Bluetooth Controller For Android Phone: Buying Guide

Top 10 Best Bluetooth Game Controllers For Android Phone 2022 Reviews
Best Bluetooth Game Controllers For Android Phones

There are many reasons to consider using an Android game controller.

What is a Bluetooth Controller?

Bluetooth controllers are wireless controllers that use the Bluetooth wireless norm to associate with your Android smartphone or Android TV box.

Most Android gadgets have Bluetooth inherent, making Bluetooth controllers perhaps the least demanding method for upgrading your gaming on these gadgets.

Notwithstanding, there are certain constraints to Bluetooth, to be specific reach and info slack.

Bluetooth gadgets normally have a scope of around 10m. This implies it’ll be fine for most circumstances yet something to know about.

There’s additionally normally a modest quantity of info slack, however, this just truly impacts the jerk-style games.

What Features Should the Best Bluetooth Controller Have?

With such countless choices out there, there are various center elements you should search for while attempting to track down the best Bluetooth controllers for Android phones.

Excellent Build Quality

Like your smartphone, you’ll probably need to take your Bluetooth controller with you. A decent Bluetooth controller will have fantastic form quality to deal with thumps related to transport and won’t feel like it’ll self-destruct in your grasp.

Quality Controls

There’s a monstrous contrast between a quality gamepad and a modest one. Great quality gamepads will offer better quality controls including more responsive buttons and d-cushions that don’t feel “soft”. This makes for a greatly improved gaming experience.

Long Battery Life

There’s nothing more regrettable than having your controller kick the bucket on you mid-game. The best Bluetooth controllers will propose north of 10 hours of gaming to represent even the longest gaming meetings.

Standardized Layout

Android gadgets expect an Xbox-styled button format (XABY) for associated controllers. Be wary of controllers that use different button setups as these may not be as simple to use and may even cause issues for certain games.

Wide Compatibility

The best Android controllers are those that can be used on the vastest assortment of games. All things considered, why bother purchasing a controller on the off chance that you can’t use it? Bluetooth controllers that use Android’s local controller support or have seen wide reception are best.

Other Useful Features

Other Connectivity Options

Some Bluetooth controllers can likewise be used wired or through 2.4GHz wireless, offering more noteworthy adaptability in interfacing up your controller.

This might be significant for those playing “jerk” games expecting far reaction times as there will be some slight information slack while using Bluetooth. Elective associations normally decrease this slack.

Integrated Holder

Android is incredible for in-a-hurry gaming. Having a controller with an implicit smartphone holder makes versatile gaming a breeze. Simply snap in your smartphone and appreciate gaming.

Official Apps

A few controllers are packaged with upheld applications that assist you with arranging the controller or tracking down viable games. While they’re regularly not expected to use the controller, they can go far to making the general controller bundle more user-accommodating.

Best Bluetooth Game Controllers For Android Phone: FAQs

1. What is a Bluetooth game controller for Android, and how does it work?

A Bluetooth game controller is a wireless input device that connects to your Android phone via Bluetooth. It allows you to play games on your Android device with physical buttons and controls, enhancing your gaming experience.

2. Are Bluetooth game controllers compatible with all Android phones?

Compatibility can vary. Most Bluetooth game controllers work with Android devices running a certain version of the Android operating system and have Bluetooth connectivity. Check the controller’s specifications and your phone’s compatibility before purchasing.

3. Do I need to install special drivers or apps to use a Bluetooth game controller on my Android phone?

In most cases, you don’t need additional drivers or apps. Android has built-in support for many Bluetooth game controllers. However, some controllers may come with companion apps for enhanced functionality or customization.

4. Can I use a Bluetooth game controller with Android emulators?

Yes, many Android emulators support Bluetooth game controllers. This allows you to play retro games and other emulator-supported titles with physical controls.

5. Are there different types of Bluetooth game controllers for Android?

Yes, there are various types, including traditional gamepad-style controllers, telescopic controllers that attach to your phone, and mini controllers designed for portable gaming.

6. How do I pair a Bluetooth game controller with my Android phone?

Typically, you enable the controller’s pairing mode and then go to your Android device’s Bluetooth settings. From there, you select the controller’s name to establish a connection. Consult the controller’s manual for specific pairing instructions.

7. Can I use one Bluetooth game controller with multiple Android devices?

It depends on the controller and its compatibility. Some controllers allow you to pair with multiple devices, while others may require unpairing from one device before connecting to another.

8. What’s the battery life like for Bluetooth game controllers?

Battery life varies by controller model and usage. Some controllers offer many hours of gameplay on a single charge, while others may need more frequent recharging. Check the manufacturer’s specifications for battery life details.

9. Do Bluetooth game controllers work with Android TV devices and game streaming services?

Yes, many Bluetooth game controllers are compatible with Android TV devices and can be used for gaming on your television. They can also work with game streaming services like Google Stadia.

10. Can I customize the button mappings on a Bluetooth game controller for Android?

Some controllers offer customization options through companion apps or within the Android settings. This allows you to remap buttons to suit your preferences for different games.

11. Are there any latency issues with Bluetooth game controllers on Android devices?

While most Bluetooth game controllers offer low-latency performance, some may have slight input lag. To minimize latency, ensure that both your controller and Android device have up-to-date firmware and are in close proximity during gameplay.

12. Are there affordable options for Bluetooth game controllers for Android phones?

Yes, there are affordable Bluetooth game controllers available that offer good value for the features they provide. Prices can vary widely, so it’s possible to find controllers that fit different budgets.

Best Bluetooth Game Controllers For Android Phones: Conclusion

We accept that the best Bluetooth game controllers for Android phones ought to be reasonable, tough, and simple to use. It’s likewise vital that it is agreeable in your grasp so you can mess around like Super Mario effortlessly! You might feel overpowered by each of the choices out there however don’t stress we’re here to help. In the event that you have any inquiries or ideas, write in the remark box.

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