Top 10 Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $200 Of 2023 Reviews

Top 10 Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $200 dollars Reviews

How to choose the best Bluetooth speakers under $200? This is considerably more appreciated here since the new speakers in the market are equipped with the latest technology for better audio.

Short in budget and have to fit it within 200 dollars? Not a problem! There’re many Bluetooth speakers that include captivating features and don’t cost a lot.

Besides, to save you time, we have selected ten of the best Bluetooth speakers under 200 dollars. Check out their attributes to select the one that suits you the most.

How We Chose These Speakers

Top 10 Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 200 dollars Reviews
Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers Under $200

Presently, in case you’re wondering in the event that this list should be trusted or not, we figure you should hear out our selection story first.

Since you’re looking for the best Bluetooth speakers under 200 dollars, our main target was to go with something that fits the budget and still has amazing sound quality. We tried to pick quality devices within the minimum price range.

As it should be, the quality of sound was our prior demand. We chose speakers based on their driver arrangement and technology for decent sound production. Bass delivery was given topmost priority.

Portability gives you the liberty to use the speaker in random places. That’s the reason most of the speakers are portable here. Many of them include IP codes for rough usage.

The majority of these speakers are battery driven, so you don’t have to be stuck in that frame of mind for stopping. These Bluetooth speakers feature multiple connections besides Bluetooth, which gives you the opportunity to remain open to a big range of options.

Briefly put, we went for all the possible features that can come in handy for convenient use. These are ten of the best Bluetooth speakers on the market, you’ll not be disappointed.

Top 10 Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 200 dollars Reviews.
Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $200

Top 10 Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers Under $200 Reviews

1. VAVA Voom 21 Best Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

VAVA Voom 21 min 1

Bluetooth speaker under $200? Yup, VAVA Voom 21 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is definitely one!

A good speaker is always expected to give the taste of the rich sound one is always craving. Thusly, a decent driver arrangement is required. And that’s exactly what makes this speaker one of the best speakers.

It’s equipped with two 5W drivers, one 10W subwoofer, and two passive radiators. Powerful 5W drivers make sure to deliver distortion-free quality treble. And bass? Indeed, one of the main purposes of the speaker is to produce profound bass since this is what everyone wants when they’re going for ‘speaker sound’, and this subwoofer does it quite fantastically.

A powerful 10W subwoofer is all about professional bass delivery and just like a good seasoning on the top of a meal, a passive radiator makes the experience significantly better by boosting low-end frequencies. Deep bass with that amazing catchy booming vibe, VAVA Voom 21 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker knows your priority.

It has three different EQ modes to match the mood of a certain environment you’re in Standard, Party, and Surround mode.

The treble and bass combination is a little bit tamed in standard mode. With party mode, the sound gets louder and the bass is a lot stronger. And when you wanna feel the music coming from all the way around, you can always count on surround mode for a pleasant experience.

Yes, mainly it’s a Bluetooth speaker. But you can always connect your music player using an AUX cable. Moreover, it supports NFC to wirelessly connect old devices.

The aptX-coded Bluetooth connection allows you to connect two devices without a moment’s delay. You can even switch between devices.

What do you consider a speaker that also works as a power bank? Because that’s what this speaker actually does! You can charge your smartphone or music player using its 5V/1A charging port.

It works with 6700mAh lithium-ion battery. One charging session provides 10 hours of playtime (in medium-level volume).

VAVA Voom 21 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker offers you amazing sound with addictive bass, three different EQ modes to suit your mood, and the privilege of a power bank. When all these amazing things are available for 200 dollars, who couldn’t go for it?

2. JBL Charge 2+ Best Bluetooth speakers

71hKuRpm4fL. AC SX425 min 1

A list of best speakers? JBL should be included!

JBL Charge 2+ Splashproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker’s features are literally goals for an ideal Bluetooth speaker model. Allow it to be sound, connectivity, or power handling; this speaker is pro in each aspect!

We should start with the sound quality, shall we? Honestly, however, the main attraction of the speaker is always the bass. You can pass with mediocre treble, but mediocre bass? Not a chance! Unless you’re willing to bore yourself to death (which definitely isn’t what anybody wants to do. Not with a speaker being around.)

Profound bass is the soul of loud music, JBL understands that. This speaker features a passive bass radiator to deliver powerful bass. With the radiator’s splendid activity, you’re guaranteed to receive quality low-end performance.

Portability at its best! This speaker is splashproof so you don’t have to worry about placing it near the pool or playing it outside in the rain. A splash of water doesn’t affect the components at all, you can even put it under running water. Notwithstanding, immersion is never a good idea. Splash, rather than completely water-resistant.

Relies completely on Bluetooth for connectivity, and streams music from other Bluetooth-enabled devices wirelessly. There’s an amazing playing feature in this speaker that you won’t find in any other device. It has a ‘social mode’ that allows you to connect three different players/devices immediately. You can take turns on different playlists by simultaneously switching those three sources.

You can even attend phone calls with this speaker! It comes with a speakerphone to help you attend calls hands-free. The speaker is echo and noise-canceling, which makes it a wonderful medium for clear communication.

The speaker works with a rechargeable 600mAh Li-ion battery. It offers up to 12 hours of playtime with one charging session. You can also use it as a part-time power bank to charge different devices as long as they support a USB connection.

So, that’s it! Quality bass, noise and echo canceling speakerphone for attending calls, Bluetooth with social mode to connect multiple devices, splashproof attire, and last but not the least, long battery life; JBL Charge 2+ Splashproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker is indeed the best budget Bluetooth speaker under 100.

3. Anker 20w Premium Review

61m51K5jvFL. AC SX522 min 1

Anker 20W Premium Stereo Portable Bluetooth Speaker can easily be considered the current market’s best wireless speaker under $200. See for yourself by checking its captivating features out.

Sound quality? Perfect for your demand! Rich sound is everything for a pleasant listening experience and consequently, you need a powerful arrangement. Anker 20W Premium Stereo Portable Bluetooth Speaker is equipped with dual ten-watt drivers. These drivers ensure full-range stereo sound delivery everywhere with strong volume and amazing clarity.

Do we have to say anything about the role of bass in sound? The presence of a strong beat is demanded everywhere. Bass is what makes a tune so entertaining to listen to.

For quality bass performance, it features two passive subwoofers. Along with the help of the speaker’s MaxxBass technology, these subwoofers enhance low-end frequencies and boost their quality. And you get your desired booming bass.

This Bluetooth speaker uses Bluetooth 4.0 for connectivity. Stream music easily from your Bluetooth-enabled device or smartphone assuming that it’s within the range of 33 feet. It’s programmed to reconnect to the device you last paired with automatically.

A cable connection is also supported. It comes with a USB cable mainly for charging purposes. Players and different devices can be connected through the included 3.5 mm audio cable.

It works with a 5200mAh Li-ion battery. The playtime isn’t fixed since it varies with the change in volume. After charging, up to 125 songs can be played with medium-level sound.

High-quality stereo sound with rich bass is everything you need for the best music listening experience. And when a speaker includes powerful drivers and techs for this, things are bound to get lit. Anker 20W Premium Stereo Portable Bluetooth Speaker is one of the best Bluetooth speakers for exactly this reason.

4. Fugoo GO Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

413Bs3kKgcL. AC min 1

Looking for a Bluetooth speaker made for rough usage? Fugoo GO 100% Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker is waiting for your call.

Fugoo GO 100% Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker has a fascinating arrangement for quality stereo sound. It’s equipped with 52mm dual full-range drivers for rich sound delivery. An additional subwoofer is less of a worry as dual bass radiators are already included to enhance bass performance.

Surround sound effects always makes things better. This speaker is programmed to deliver 360-degree sound. In any case, you have to lay it on its back for dispersing sound in each direction.

It covers a frequency response range of 100Hz-20kHz. Provides up to 92dB of loudness to meet users’ demands.

The most fantastic thing about this speaker is, you don’t have to worry about its protection, regardless of the circumstance. You can go bicycling, jogging in the woods, hiking, and journey on a boat; shock, rain, hit, dust – nothing’s gonna affect it.

IP67-rated attire helps the speaker to withstand obstacles, thus making it waterproof, snowproof, dustproof, and shockproof. You can keep it 3 feet underwater for 30 minutes. With its rugged casing, IP67-rated driver, and waterproof clothing, the speaker’s durability is significantly more intense than you could hope for.

It uses 4.2 Bluetooth for wireless sound streaming. You can transmit music from any device as long as it’s within a range of 100 feet.

The mounting cord that comes along makes it more outdoor-friendly. Mount it on your pants pocket, backpack, or cycle. You don’t have to carry it around using your hands. This cord can come in handy to turn it into a shower speaker as well.

The speaker works with a rechargeable Li-ion battery. 5.5 hours of charging offers ten hours of playtime at mid-level volume. A USB cable is included for charging.

Fugoo GO 100% Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker is the perfect companion for your outdoor adventures. Loud stereo sound with profound bass fulfills your soundhole need, while IP67-rated rugged attire provides utter protection.

5. Ears WONDERBOOM Best Wireless Speakers

81yOSWyZv3L. AC SX425 min 1

Everything you want in your ideal portable Bluetooth speaker, Ultimate Ears Miracle Blast Super Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker has gotten everything. Everything, starting from captivating sound quality to unbelievable drop-proof and waterproof resistance, circles for carrying privilege to brilliant wireless connectivity. Check out the features and see for yourself.

Sound? Equipped with two 40mm active drivers can produce sound with up to 86 dB loudness. And how might we forget booming low-end frequencies? For profound bass delivery, two passive radiators are included.

It covers a frequency response range of 80Hz-20kHz. Features 360-degree surround sound effects to improve stereo sound performance. Feel the music flowing from each corner around by turning the surround sound effect on.

This speaker is perfect for taking places. It’s lightweight and small, so carrying around is a sad labor. Moreover, it comes with a hanging circle. You can hold the speaker using this or tag it as something for more portability and comfort.

Yes, it’s a finished waterproof speaker, not something that can’t handle more than just a splash. Submerging underwater doesn’t affect its IPX7-rated attire. You can easily keep it immersed up to 1 meter underwater for 30 minutes. The speaker’s lightweight body helps to float it on water.

It has also been drop-tested. Durability lasts within the level of 1.7 meters.

Music can be streamed from any Bluetooth-enabled device as long as it’s within the range of 100 ft. What’s more, you can go louder by connecting two WONDERBOOM speakers using Bluetooth.

Controls have been made super easy for everyone’s benefit. All you need to do is tap to play, pause, and stop tracks. It has a button for pairing with another WONDERBOOM speaker.

The speaker works with a rechargeable Li-ion battery. 2.8 hours of charging offers 10 hours of continuous playtime. A miniature USB cable is included for charging.

Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM Super Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker is one of the fabulous creations of Logitech and definitely the market’s best quality Bluetooth speaker. Sound quality, portability, durability – this speaker excels in each aspect.

6. Creative MUVO 2c-Best Mid Range of Water-Resistant Bluetooth speakers

61GHFpKosL. AC SX425 min 1

Little package, big miracle – the most perfect phrase to describe Creative MUVO 2c Palm-sized Smaller usual Water-resistant Bluetooth Speaker. The minuscule speaker may not seem like a lot, but wait till you see it working.

Yes, the body isn’t capable of holding a bundle of giant high-quality drivers, but that doesn’t stop it from delivering tremendous sound. It’s equipped with a full-range driver to give you the taste of heavenly treble.

Presently, it may make you ponder, how can it take care of low-end frequencies with just one driver inside. Sure, the full-range component does take care of all the frequencies; be that as it may, it’s insufficient for producing the strong bass expected from a loudspeaker.

Shocking as it is, despite the absence of a woofer/required driver, this speaker can still manage to produce rich bass just like its brilliant competitors. An oversized passive radiator is installed inside for boosting bass notes. The radiator joined with the full-range driver provides a rich audio experience, just like you desire.

Not liking the audio as it is? This speaker features Sound Blaster Control Panel that lets you customize those tunes for a better experience.

Best for outdoor usage. Water, dust, mud – you don’t have to fear anything. The body is IP66 rated, which makes it dust and water-resistant. In any case, it mustn’t be immersed in water.

Another reason why this is on the list, it’s lightweight and portable.

Bluetooth is the main option for connectivity. Besides, this speaker also comes with a Bluetooth-driven speakerphone which allows you to attend phone calls without contacting the phone, alongside pairing devices for playing music. Moreover, two MUVO 2c speakers can be connected via Bluetooth for louder audio.

The speaker can be connected to a PC using a USB cable. Also, an SD card slot is included that enables you to play songs from a particular playlist.

It works with a rechargeable 650mAh Li-ion battery. One charging session provides six hours of playtime.

Allow it to be quality sound or IP66 rated body, the Creative MUVO 2c Palm-sized Small scale Water-resistant Bluetooth Speaker’s features clearly prove why it’s indeed the best Bluetooth speaker under $200.

61QhRiKbasL. AC SX425 min 1

Yup, it’s a Bose. Get ready to plan for something amazing. (Or on the other hand expected, as BOSE has always been promising about fabulous sound quality)

Bluetooth speakers usually tend to be small. This is valid for Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker as well. It’s been made small and lightweight for portability.

Be that as it may, small speakers don’t sound energetic most of the time, which is a proven fact indeed. This happens in light of multiple factors, but the reason that seems most responsible for this problem is the component size.

To fit properly, components are made smaller. Often the required mechanism for quality sound gets disregarded to make it compact. However, this speaker has shrewdly dealt with this problem and has a commendable arrangement for sound. That’s right, you get the total experience of tremendous Bose technology even in such small attire.

It’s the best for outdoor usage. Water splash is a sad deal since the body is water-resistant. However, put it near the pool and relax, submerging isn’t allowed. Ain’t affected by shock because of its rugged condition. What’s more, the speaker is packed in soft-contact silicone outside which helps with fast pick-up and avoiding slipping it off.

Technology is developing for accommodation, and Bose has advanced itself as well. It introduces an app for fast Bluetooth connection establishment. Presently you don’t have to wait for some time to recognize the device. Voice prompt software is included that lets you know when a device is connected. Pairing NFC devices is also quite easy, just tap and connect.

This speaker comes with an underlying speakerphone that allows you to attend phone calls without contacting the phone. You can also have access to Siri and other digital assistants through this speakerphone.

It works with rechargeable Li-ion batteries. One charging session provides 8 hours of playtime.

With upgraded technology and rugged attire, Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker is always that one Bluetooth speaker you can turn upward to. It sure is the best for outstanding performance, not to mention, outstanding construction.

8. Sonos Play:1 Compact Wireless Speaker

81ufrbnPx L. AC SY879 min 1

Sonos Play:1 Compact Wireless Speaker’s best attribute is, it’s upgraded with the latest technology. And? And that’s the reason your music-playing privileges are expanded. In fact, this speaker lets you do stuff that you can’t even imagine with many different speakers.

The little box-like shape doesn’t seem like a lot but waits till you turn the music on. It’s equipped with a tweeter that’s completely dedicated to delivering distortion-free crisp treble. The 3.5-inch mid-woofer takes care of mid-range and bass response. And what’s more, it actually delivers profound bass like professional gigantic speakers.

Audio performance is richer with dual Class D amplifiers. Drivers are custom-tuned and feature audio software for enhancing sound quality. Connecting two Sonos Play:1 Compact Wireless Speakers results in a louder response.

You don’t have to worry a lot about its placement. The compact little body can fit anywhere. Shelf, rack, tabletop, cabinet, counter-you can place it in any succinct place and still appreciate great music.

The speaker is mountable. It features cables for mounting. You can put it up with different components of a stereo or home theater.

For pairing, it primarily relies on Bluetooth. Connect and stream your favorite music from a Bluetooth-enabled device. You can even have access to Spotify, Pandora, Amazon music, and other similar services.

Again, it can connect to digital assistants like Alexa and devices like Amazon Echo, which gives you the privilege to play your favorite song in this speaker with voice commands.

The best thing about this speaker is, your music-appreciating experience isn’t limited by source or decision. You can expand the arrangement using this speaker, even in several rooms. The setup is speedier with Wi-Fi, but you can use Bluetooth as well.

Something more you can do with this speaker that’s impractical with others, you can play the same song in sync throughout each room, or keep on playing different tracks in different rooms.

Fast Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, use of digital assistants and digital music services, software and brilliant components for quality sound, interesting playing choices – sure, no different speakers can’t be compared to Sonos Play:1 Compact Wireless Speaker with regards to innovative features.

9. SCOSCHE BoomBottle+ Rugged Waterproof Portable Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker

81i9O2X4OdL. AC SX522 min 3

Quality sound, portability, rugged usage – with regards to these three, SCOSCHE BoomBottle+ Rugged Waterproof Portable Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker definitely is our recommended Bluetooth speaker under $200.

About quality sound? Allow the speaker’s components to explain. It features dual 12W 50mm drivers for stereo. Those drivers accompany an omnidirectional diffuser to disperse sound in each direction, thus creating a captivating 360-degree surround sound effect. Moreover, you can go louder by connecting two BoomBottle+ speakers.

It includes a passive subwoofer for profound bass. The subwoofer is in a ported enclosure which helps in delivering the powerful outcome of low-end frequencies.

The sound demand varies with the environment, and this speaker understands that. It introduces an indoor/outdoor EQ system that has different modes for outdoor and indoor, just switch to the required mode to attain the best response.

Water and dust are the least of your worry, thanks to its IP67-rated attire. The lightweight body can float on water. Submerging will not cause any damage as long as it’s within 3 ft. of water.

The speaker is mountable, you can easily mount it onto a mounting template or tripod using ¼ inch thread base plate that comes along. Also, it is bottle shaped which helps with fitting in bottle/cup holders. Or on the other hand, you can connect it using a carabiner clip.

Large rubber-treated controls are featured for operating accommodation. The speaker comes with a 2.1A USB port that allows you to use it as a power bank for charging smartphones and other similar devices.

It works with a 6000mAh rechargeable battery. After charging, it offers up to 15 hours of playtime.

Mounting/snaring privilege and IP67 rating make it a brilliant decision for outdoor audio entertainment. Regardless of how hostile the situation is, that can’t stop you from having a good time. Just set the mode on EQ settings and start getting a charge out of SCOSCHE BoomBottle+ Rugged Waterproof Portable Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker’s rich bass and fascinating surround sound.

10. JBL Pulse 2 Review

912WFXaSL. AC SY450 min 1

We should end the list with another splendid JBL splashproof Bluetooth speaker, shall we?

As with each other incredible JBL speaker, JBL Pulse 2, Portable Splashproof Bluetooth Speaker introduces quite a brilliant sound delivery arrangement for such a compact body. It’s equipped with standard drivers for basic sound production. The treble is crisp and distortion is simply a problem. It covers a frequency response range of 85Hz-20kHz.

What makes it stand out in the race is the bass performance. Deep bass has always been the topmost attraction of loud music and this speaker takes care of this demand with dual passive radiators. These radiators are situated on the speaker’s panels for thorough frequency flow. We gotta admit, the bass game is quite strong with this one.

Easily take it out for an outdoor event. Whether it’s water splashing from the pool or the first couple of raindrops, this splashproof speaker is always strong.

Bluetooth is the main option for pairing. JBL features an app to establish a fast Bluetooth connection. You can link up to three devices on the double using this option and simultaneously sync between them. USB and AUX ports are included for cable connection.

Presently, we should talk about the speaker’s biggest appeal: the Drove light show. It introduces a vibrant lighting arrangement that increases the fun of amazing sound with stunning illumination. Moreover, the JBL Prism color sensor lens is presented that detects color and featured Drove lights showcase the exact identified color.

A noise and echo-canceling speakerphone is also added to this speaker for attending calls. Includes control for easy navigation.

It works with a rechargeable 6000mAh Li-ion battery. After charging, you can appreciate up to 10 hours of playtime.

JBL has always been committed to a superior experience and this is quite clear in JBL Pulse 2 Portable Splashproof Bluetooth Speaker. The stunning addition of a multicolor Drove light show, rich bass production of bass radiators, speakerphones, and splashproof attire surely make it the best Bluetooth speaker under $200.

Buying Guide: Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $200

Top 10 Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 200 dollars Reviews...
Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $200

Purpose of The Speaker

Indeed, it’s obvious from the title that budget is the least of your worry for a good decision. All the speakers on the list are within 200 Dollars. So, how about we focus on another main thing that should be considered before purchase: the purpose.

Sure, quality sound is your main priority, but still, everyone has the sole intention of using their speakers. So, sort that out first. Where you want to put it, when you want to listen to music, on the off chance that it’s meant for a certain system or random usage – these decisions will help you to get to your desired speaker faster.


Each speaker follows a particular arrangement for sound production. That tells a ton about their performance. Make sure your speaker has a good woofer/bass reflex port/passive radiator, in case you don’t wanna miss out on the immense pleasure of profound bass.

Many speakers use their own patented technology to produce rich sound. You can always anticipate these new techs. Nonetheless, since it’s an interesting feature of a specific speaker, the benefits should be reviewed first to see on the off chance that this technology is really worth the effort or not.

The frequency response range is often mentioned in the description. FRR lets you know which frequencies are accurately covered by the speaker, thus providing you with a touch of its treble and bass performance.


Since we’re talking about Bluetooth speakers, it’s obvious you don’t have to depend on wires for pairing music players or different devices. In any case, the advantage almost has no tomfoolery on the off chance that you still have to depend on a cable connection for power.

Then again, portability gives you the privilege to take the speaker anywhere. Your house, school quarters, backyard bar-b-que, or pool party – there’s no restriction for events and locations.

On the off chance that you want good loud music on the way, a portable speaker is always there for you. So, our suggestion is go with something portable, unless the wiring is really that important.

Compact Body

You don’t wanna spend all your calories on dragging a heavy box, isn’t that right? So, overlooking the weight and shape of your portable speaker is really just plain dumb. It’s smarter to go with a lightweight and small body because this makes it easy to carry around places. Moreover, you can easily fit a small speaker in your backpack, mounting frame, or in case it’s jug shaped, in a jug or cup holder.


Mounting capability isn’t mandatory for all speakers. Some manufacturers provide a pack, so you know, mounting isn’t that a very remarkable deal with those speakers. Some speakers include a carabiner clip or hanging loops, you can always use these attributes for tagging.

Be that as it may, separate mounting frames or kits are also available for your mounting accommodation.

Rough Usage

Not every person wants to make their speakers a permanent part of the tabletop. Many speakers are used outdoors and some have to be in rough situations like bicycling, hiking, canoeing, and so on. For rough usage, go with rugged attire. IPX or number-rated bodies ensure protection against water, dust, and shock.


Assuming it’s portable, there’s no question that it’s battery-driven. Two types of batteries are used in Bluetooth speakers: worked in and removable. Speakers with worked in rechargeable batteries possess the major division of the market because of their outstanding working ability. Be that as it may, removable batteries help speakers to last longer. So, considering the privileges of both, we’re remaining neutral.

FAQs About The Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $200

What’s a passive radiator?

Bass has always been the main priority of loud music. Speakers use woofers for bass production, nonetheless, they can’t be housed in compact enclosures often because of space shortage or mechanical difficulties, and that’s when manufacturers go for passive radiators.

A passive radiator works as an alternative for a woofer or bass reflex port. It kinda looks like an active driver, but without an amplifier, circuit, or voice curl. It resonates to produce low-pitched audio from the frequencies trapped inside the enclosure. Yes, it’s valid, passive radiators can never replace subwoofers, definitely, still, they’re really effective for rich bass delivery.

What do ratings like IPX7, IP66, and IP67 have to do with a speaker being waterproof?

It often gets seen, whenever a speaker is labeled ‘waterproof’, ‘dustproof’, or ‘shockproof’; various ratings (for example IPX7, IP67, IP66) are mentioned there. So, really a question pops into a regular customer’s mind, in case the person’s not familiar with the term:

What does this rating mean?

These ratings are inspired by a particular code known as the ‘IP code’. IP code stands for International Protection marking (Or, Ingress Protection marking in some cases) that decides the protection level held by a certain electronic thing.

There are many kinds of stuff (water or dust for instance) that can be proved threatening for electronic devices and to solve this nuisance, manufacturers are always backing these items up with different protective gears and construction patterns. IP codes are used for describing the kind of protection you can anticipate from your device.

What do IPX7, IP66, and IP67 ratings mean?

IPX7, IP66, and IP67 are the usual ratings we see in portable Bluetooth speakers. IPX7 rating stands for protection against water splash, it also works for short-time immersion. IP66 rating is active just against water stream flow. IP67 is a bit more advanced than the IP66 rating, able to deal with immersion within a meter inside and out.

What is NFC?

However NFC is not quite a bit of an alien idea, still, this isn’t shocking that most individuals aren’t familiar with the term, especially the current generation.

NFC is a medium just like Bluetooth, but less known and less used. Be that as it may, this medium is rising again, thanks to digital payment services.

NFC is the short type of term ‘Near Field Communication. It links two devices (in some cases, more than two) within the range of 4 cm, where at least one of the devices is required to be portable. These devices fill in as transmitters and receivers and use radio waves to connect wirelessly.

Which devices can be linked via NFC?

NFC kinda functions like Bluetooth, it uses similar devices as well. NFC works with a great many cell phones like feature phones, smartphones, tablets, and various portable receivers.

How might I mount my Bluetooth speaker?

Most Bluetooth speakers are manufactured for upright placement, which is the reason they hardly feature any mounting pack or template. Nonetheless, in case you wanna mount or snare it, you can always go for separate kits.

Sometimes there are holders, loops, and templates for compact portable devices in vehicles or backpacks, you can use them as well in the event that it fits. And assuming your speaker includes its own unit, all you gotta do is just follow the instruction that comes along in the user’s manual.

Is it necessary for a Bluetooth speaker to be portable?

Obviously, this is not a mandatory condition, still more convenient. Portability gives you the liberty of getting a charge out of good sound anywhere regardless of the place. Moreover, you don’t have to stick in that frame of mind to stream music from a Bluetooth-enabled device when your speaker is portable.

Which one is better: a built-in or removable battery?

Both have their fair share of privileges. Be that as it may, a removable battery ensures the device’s longevity. You’ll have to say your last goodbye to the speaker whenever its implicit battery is permanently damaged, while a battery replacement is all you need to keep a removable battery-driven speaker going.

Conclusion – Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 200 Dollars

Our target was to present to you some of the best Bluetooth speakers under $200 suggestions for your absolute comfort. We hope the list was exactly what you’re looking for. Just choose the one that meets your needs and suits you best.

Assuming that you’re still having inconvenience choosing, we are always there to help. Compose your question in the comment section below, and we will answer as soon as possible.

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