Top 10 Best Bluetooth Receivers For Headphones in 2023 Reviews

Best Bluetooth Receivers For Headphones Reviews

How to choose the best Bluetooth receivers for headphones? Do you want a decent gadget to practically stream naats? Have you ever contemplated using the best system? Is it difficult for you to choose the best device?

The time has come to end your confusion and choose the Best Bluetooth Receiver for Headphones. This article has a list of the finest Bluetooth receivers with their reviews. You can evaluate these reviews to select the best brand for you.

You can stream your favorite melody wirelessly to speakers, A/V receivers, and sound systems at home in a cost-effective and practical way with the help of this versatile gadget known as a Bluetooth receiver. You can pair it with a tablet, smartphone, or any gadget with Bluetooth connectivity. It can allow you to wirelessly control your audio system. These Bluetooth receivers offer freedom of Bluetooth connectivity and these are available at economical prices. These convenient-to-use and compact receivers are easy to run without extra power.

If you want to purchase one device, you may find it difficult because of the overwhelming choices available in the market. For your convenience, we have designed a list of important receivers with Bluetooth connectivity available on the market. These are simple to use and offer great value for your money. All these receivers have different abilities so you ought to compare them while choosing the best device for you. Consider The 10 Best Bluetooth Transmitters For Headphones article before purchasing a device.

The transmission range is an important function for those people who live in huge houses. By going through a few extra bucks, you will actually want to get a model with an amazing range of Bluetooth. It may depend on your individual needs. In the event that you want a receiver for your vehicle, this won’t be a considerable factor. Compatibility is another interesting point when purchasing a Bluetooth receiver.

You may require different receivers for your old versions of Bluetooth and new versions of Bluetooth. A few receivers may work well for the two versions. Finally, the functionality is another interesting point to simultaneously connect a maximum number of devices. A few receivers offer a few great choices for attachment, for instance, tablets and smartphones at the same time.

The time has come to explore the top Bluetooth receivers we have explored after an intense research of hours.

Best Bluetooth Receivers For Headphones Reviews
Best Bluetooth Receivers For Headphones

Top 10 Best Bluetooth Receivers For Headphones Reviews Of 2023

1. Mpow Hands-free Bluetooth Receiver and Wireless Melody Adapter

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  • Standby time is 120 hours
  • Compatible with tablets, MP3 players, smartphones, etc.
  • Ideal for vehicle audio or home audio systems


  • Obstacles can disturb its range

Mpow offers passionate design and reliable products. The special hands-free model can be an innovative choice in the range of the finest Bluetooth receivers. Mpow always listens to and talks to their clients and improves the quality of their products with the help of their feedback. In the event that you are looking for a great Bluetooth receiver for car audio or a home system, you can choose this model of Mpow.

This smart device comes with 4.0 advanced Bluetooth technology for clear transmission of sound and zero melody lag virtually. You can use this device for different audio gadgets, such as car stereos, the sound system of the home, and headphones. It works really well with any non-Bluetooth portable device. The main highlight of this product is its battery life. After each charge, it can last for almost 10 hours. It has numerous solid features to appreciate longer trips on the road. It allows you to play the melody in your car easily.

To get the advantage of wireless liberty, the dual-link Mpow connection for dual Bluetooth devices is available to connect the two devices to one receiver simultaneously. This feature can be useful in a particular situation. On the off chance that you have an open space without obstacles, you can use the Mpow receiver with Bluetooth for a stable connection for almost 30 feet. It is a decent range. With this receiver, you can get intuitive controls while playing the melody and making phone calls. This receiver allows you to change the volume, answer calls, pause, skip or play the melody.

The customer service of Mpow is incredible. They offer convenient and friendly technical support. You can get a 3.5mm audio cord and adapter along with a USB charging cord.

All these features can make it a quality receiver with twofold link attachments, the convenience of use, and the long existence of the battery. You can get the advantage of Bluetooth connectivity. The cost is an important and interesting point while evaluating its features.

2. Wireless Bluetooth Etekcity4.0 Receiver (NFC-Enabled) Audio Adapter

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  • Battery life is almost 10 hours after a full charge
  • Lightweight and compact build
  • 74 output wattage


  • Requires two hours to fully charge this device

Etekcity is famous for serving its customers with top electronics. They have experience and the right tools to develop powerful gadgets. You can’t miss their special Bluetooth receiver known as Roverbeats Unify. This receiver receives great comments in the car electronics and sound equipment department for its performance and functionality.

They work well to turn your conventional speakers into Bluetooth-enabled gadgets with the assistance of a wireless receiver. This receiver allows you to connect to A/V receivers or speakers with 3.5mm – 2RCA or 3.5mm to 3.5mm acoustic cords. The Roverbeats Unify allows you to stream your melody from a device that has Bluetooth support, such as smartphones, computers, and tablets. You can control naats wirelessly from a major 33 feet or 10 meters range. You can get a strong connection with Roverbeats Unify to appreciate maximum freedom to move around.

With its improved capability of data rating, you can transmit data at a faster rate and the connection between the audio receiver and Bluetooth device becomes stable and strong. You have to consider the 4.0 Bluetooth for this device because this receiver consumes less energy and offers dependable entertainment meetings.

You can pair Bluetooth-enabled units with your devices. You can get the advantage of the automatic re-pair feature to save time. Quick connections are possible with the use of NFC phones by holding the multifunctional button. This receiver can run for 10 hours after each charge. You will require 2 hours to charge this receiver fully. Paired with its compact design, the device is extremely portable to play tunes in your vehicle.

Have a look at the features of Rover beats Unify and you will realize that the Etekcity is working effectively with Bluetooth receivers. The range is adequate, recharge time is flawless and NFC capability makes it an extremely welcoming device. This can be the best receiver at this cost.

3. Bluetooth 4.0 AmazonBasics Audio Receiver

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  • 0.80 inches display height
  • 2.70 inches length
  • 2.70 inches width


  • Don’t work after 30 feet

You may require a basic version of Bluetooth receiver, so consider AmazonBasics. This Bluetooth receiver is simple to use and offers all the basic functions that one can expect from this device.

You can get the advantage of wireless capabilities to play the melody on your sound system through your handy gadget after connecting it to your compatible computer, tablet, and smartphone. Direct streaming is possible with a Bluetooth device with a distance of 30 feet. The connection may become unstable after this range. For optimum performance, AmazonBasics requires you to plug this receiver in amplifiers and speakers while avoiding headphones. The quality of sound may suffer in this situation.

Setting up this Bluetooth receiver is really easy. You can plug this receiver into your home stereo or speakers and use 3.5mm to RCA audio cables to achieve this task. After establishing a connection with a power adapter to any standard outlet on the wall, you have to move ahead for the next move toward pairing this receiver with different devices with Bluetooth connectivity like tablets, Android smartphones, iPods, or iPhones. After this, you can comfortably partake in your favorite naats while having the liberty to move everywhere inside the range.

The 4.0 Bluetooth technology allows you to wirelessly stream melody and consume low energy. The data transfer may continue at a faster rate than its previous versions. This box offers everything as per your needs, such as an instruction manual, power adapter, 3.5mm to RCA cable, and a receiver.

On the off chance that you consider the simplicity of this device, Amazon Basics offer a great range and stellar service. This product offers a quick solution to play the wireless melody. This device can be a great choice at this low cost.

4. Bluetooth Audio Logitech Adapter for Melody Streaming

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  • Plug in PC speakers, A/V receivers, and home stereos with the use of 3.5mm or RCA jacks
  • Audio Bluetooth adapter, 3.5mm to RCA cable, user documentation, and power cable come in a package


  • May not work on all devices

A renowned brand, Logitech is specialized in a variety of particular peripherals either corded or cordless with a special focus on PC navigation, gaming, and online communication products. You can choose 980-000910 because of its great qualities. It is one of the most amazing receivers with Bluetooth in the market.

It is an important feature for the multipoint connectivity of Bluetooth because it allows the instant pairing of 2 devices, such as a tablet and a smartphone. You can use this receiver to stream melody and easily re-pair the device automatically after your first use. After pairing this device, you have to press one button and you are ready to go.

The 980-000910 Logitech range is a strong point of this receiver. The stable wireless connection allows you to control this device within 15 meters like 50 feet from your speakers. This may work well with bunches of devices.

Simply plug this gadget into PC speakers, home stereo, and A/V receivers easily. You can get RCA – 3.5mm cable with Logitech supplies along with this powerful cable. You can access important aspects of this special Bluetooth receiver with A/C power. The batteries are not reliable and it could be a hassle to purchase new batteries again and again. You can easily charge this device with the help of a standard socket. This receiver requires speakers to play your audio tone after pairing it. Certain individuals may not track down it as a deal-breaker.

Considering all features, the special 980-00010 of Logitech can be a great device. You can easily pair this device with different wireless devices for long-range streaming.

5. TaoTronics Receiver Bluetooth Audio Wireless Adapter for Melody Streaming

TaoTronics Bluetooth Receiver Wireless Audio Adapter for Audio Music Streaming 300x300 1


  • 8 hours of battery life for good play and talk time
  • Almost 200 standby hours
  • Integrated microphone to make hands-free calls


  • Average battery life

A fantastic company TaoTronics offers great electronic products and accessories. They are serving numerous people around the world. Their consistent development makes a mark in the department of Bluetooth receivers. They are working on a portable audio wireless adapter that has bunches of interesting capabilities.

Like numerous different receivers on this list, the Bluetooth receiver of TaoTronics can be a decent choice for you for vehicle and home audio systems. Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology of TaoTronics allows you to save energy and transfer data at a quick rate. You can enhance your listening experience with the help of underlying buttons to change tracks, change volume, and pause melody. You can help an extra advantage by activating Siri of Apple through a button.

This receiver is helpful for drivers to make calls without using their hands. This device comes with an integrated microphone to talk to your family and companions easily. With extraordinary battery life, this gadget can be used for almost 7 to 8 hours of talking or playtime. This battery life is enough for regular use and road trips. You can get the advantage of its inherent battery which is superior to a disposable choice.

You can get the advantage of handy Bluetooth receivers by connecting them to two devices for multitasking. The special design of this device is free from hassles and looks really elegant while connecting to the audio system of your home. The cost is comparatively low so it very well may be an excellent contender in this list.

As per performance, TaoTronics offers loads of features at a decent price. You can get the advantage of functions and Bluetooth connectivity. It is recommended for everyone who is looking for a receiver for a vehicle or home audio system.

51dUE3gssZL. AC SX679 min 1


  • Multipoint technology
  • Instantly connect with 2 frequencies of devices with Bluetooth connectivity
  • Quick NFC Pairing


  • Can be expensive

TP-Link is a great name in the Wi-Fi networking industry. They offer heaps of great networking products. In the business of Bluetooth receivers, they are not as famous as others, but rather they actually have great gadgets at cheap rates.

With HA100, you can get amazing reliability and performance. This receiver has a CSR chip and an integrated amplifier chip that offers a top-notch experience of melody. It supports A2DP v1.2 and Bluetooth 4.0. This device can be an excellent solution to satisfy all your wireless acoustic streaming needs. Fortunately, the TP-Link has a great understating for the long-range and you won’t deal with instability and interference issues. Thus, this special receiver can easily get Bluetooth signals from 66 feet (20 meters). Virtually any laptop, tablet, or smartphone with Bluetooth may be helpful to pair with different devices for wireless streaming of audio systems and speakers.

This special receiver comes with Multipoint innovation to permit its users to connect 2 devices with Bluetooth connectivity at the same time. You can easily switch between these devices for audio sources. The quick NFC pairing allows you a simple setup and a great blend. You will actually want to connect this receiver with different devices that have NFC technology. With a special power adapter, the melody will flow wirelessly without switching batteries because you can quickly recharge this receiver. This package has RCA to 3.5mm cables with an NFC tag, a USB charging cord, and a user guide. Remember that the content of this package may vary with each merchant.

The cost of this receiver can be higher than the different devices available in the list. You can get this remarkable thing with great features. On the off chance that you want the performance and reliability of HA100, this can be a decent unit for you. TP-Link receiver offers great value of money with bunches of strong features and quality audio.

7. Duo Bluetooth CoolStream Receiver Adapter

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  • Works well with Android or iPhone smartphones
  • Good to use with Bluetooth devices
  • Offers compatibility with iPod Victory Motorcycle cable


  • Battery life is not good

CoolStream is a notable company for its extraordinary products to satisfy the special needs of different melody lovers. They offer attractive receivers with Bluetooth connectivity that are great for their fair pricing and cool features.

Anyone who is looking for a reliable partner for his/her sound system can receive the facilities of wireless melody via CoolStream Duo. This receiver is designed to work with loads of devices that have Bluetooth connectivity like Android smartphones or iPhones along with iPod cable Victory Motorcycle. You can get this special technology to use with different devices, however, it may work well with wired headphones and car stereos. You can get this device to play nice soundtracks with SoundDocks 10, II, I, or other portable devices of Bose.

You can get the advantage of one-of-a-kind functions of this special gadget with multipoint capacities that allow you to link twofold devices together via Bluetooth. It means that the users and their companions can pair with one receiver concurrently and take their turns playing the melody. To plug it into a car stereo or home system, you will get two choices. Go ahead and use a 30-pin special Connector that is really great for old iPhone connector docking stations and numerous different models. You may use a 3.5mm jack auxiliary to stream the melody.

With the use of this device, you can get a decent range of 30 feet. This range can be a decent choice for your regular use. The Duo has just a single disadvantage, such as it lacks support for 4.0 Bluetooth because it can transfer data with the use of 3.0. By disregarding this feature, you can get the advantage of its different features for its cost. The rechargeable battery of this device allows you to get almost 5 hours of consistent streaming which isn’t exceptional, yet it is great for this value. The little Duo allows you to get everything that you really want in a package, such as a 3.5mm jack Aux is available along with an audio cable.

In conclusion, this receiver with Bluetooth connectivity can satisfy the desires of an audiophile. You can get wireless liberty to stream melody. It is great to work with dual devices with practically no compromise. It offers plug inability to plug your devices in car stereo or home stereo systems. You can get two choices to power this receiver. The CoolStream Duo can be an excellent choice for anyone.

8. Bluetooth TaoTronics Receiver and Transmitter with aptX Technology Low Latency for TV

TaoTronics Bluetooth Transmitter and Receiver for TV with aptX Low Latency Technology 300x300 1


  • Low latency aptX technology to eliminate an audio delay of Bluetooth
  • 15 hours of battery life to support streaming and charging at the same time
  • Automatic pairing


  • The average range of the transmitter

Do you want an expensive choice? You can attempt this model of TaoTronics that has a receiver and transmitter in one device. This special device is great for bunches of people who can make extra investments. TaoTronics offers convenient features to work in an astonishing manner. This is a balanced device with bunches of features. This is perhaps the best device in this list of top Bluetooth receivers.

You can use this device in numerous situations because it has a receiver and transmitter function to use at the same time. Transmitting allow you to make cable, DVD, and TV boxes capable to use Bluetooth. You can partake in the melody and connect this device with your wireless headphones. The function of the receiver allows you to transform headphones, audio systems, and powered speakers to easily connect wirelessly and stream different naats from various supported devices, such as tablets or smartphones.

The user of this device can partake in the adaptability of connections with this receiver. The particular connection of optical cables can improve the dedicated channel of sound and the finest quality of digital sound. An AUX 3.5mm connection is available for output/input common audio port on an MP3 player, PC, and bunches of speakers along with headphones. You can switch between right and left TV channels or your entertainment system with the use of an RCA adapter. You can get the advantage of dual transmitting connectivity that offers the simultaneous connection of two headphones.

You can notice a considerable improvement in the performance of TaoTronics by adding aptX technology to decrease the audio delay of Bluetooth. You may avoid a latency issue and listen to crystal clear and perfectly synchronized sound. You can get 15 hours of battery life for consistent streaming. The internal battery offers really impressive results and offers 30 expensive ranges for the signals of Bluetooth.

This small gadget is great to paint an excellent picture of TaoTronics. They have successfully managed to design an exceptional device that works well with twofold functions like receiving or transmitting. You can avoid audio delays with its amazing battery life. This can be a decent purchase at its cost.

9. Bluetooth Receiver Esinkinfor Stereo System with Acoustics and Long-Range

51 Azc4kYsL. AC SX425 min 1


  • Good features
  • Compatible with RCA to 3.5mm A/V speakers and jacks
  • Portable device


  • May have some issues

Esinkin offers a special Bluetooth receiver for audio stereo systems with long-range acoustics. The NFC-enabled receiver is really convenient to arrange and offers a long range. It can wirelessly stream melody through a range of devices with Bluetooth connectivity like tablets and smartphones.

You can increase the efficiency of your special Bluetooth speakers very much like a breeze for this device. Simply plug this device into your audio system and speakers to stream melody with the use of compatible tablets and smartphones. All your NFC-enabled devices offer faster connectivity with Esinkin design to feature the functionality of NFC.

No one but speakers can offer stable connections so you can move over the range of 30 feet which is an acceptable range as per the manufacturer. You can connect it to your different speakers with the use of the stereo systems and A/V receivers with 3.5mm Jack or RCA. You can set up the complete procedure with next to no issues with intuitive controls. You will have special tunes that can quickly occupy your room and offer the liberty of Bluetooth connections.

The quality of sound is exceptional and this device is really smart to re-pair flawlessly with its last used device. The package comes with AUX-RCA audio cords other than a receiver along with one user manual and a charging cord. This instrument can be an excellent companion to perform well, and it is easy to cover small possible issues nicely.

So, this device of Esinkin can be a great product to stand out in the market for numerous Bluetooth receivers. However, it should be considered a possible choice at its cost ratio and solid features.

10. Bluetooth Receiver TSTAR Adapter Aluminum with AUX and Amplifier

Bluetooth Receiver Adapter from TSTAR Aluminum with Amplifier and AUX 300x300 min 1


  • Instruction manual
  • Charging Micro cable USB
  • Bluetooth bullet style


  • Average battery life

TSTART Bluetooth adapter receiver is a great product with smooth completion of aluminum. This works really well with Bass Lift selection and amplifier for a few audio equipment and different devices.

This little powerful device can use advanced chipset 4.0 Bluetooth to deliver excellent performance for audio streaming. This microphone is profoundly sensitive with a worked-in mic to make hands-free calls. The special Bluetooth receiver comes with a surrounding sound-blocking feature. This feature is extremely useful for different applications. You can get the advantage of connections with audio systems, speakers, tablets, and smartphones.

This model features an amazing design to adjust to your home and car stereo system pleasantly. All thanks to the extraordinary concept of slug style that makes it an innovative receiver. This amplifier comes with a novel choice to help bass and this feature is really appreciated by audiophiles. You can easily enhance the performance of your audio gadgets. You can get controls to answer phone calls or reject them. Redialing or dialing can be easy by correctly pressing the buttons of this receiver. The melody is easy to manage because the device operates in a special method of audio streaming. You can press the play or pause buttons to control your tunes.

It doesn’t have an extraordinary battery life because you can listen to melody constantly for almost 5 hours after charging this device for two hours. The package has one receiver, and one charging cable micro-USB with instructional documents. You dislike the absence of extra cables, but rather at this cost, this device is great.

Moreover, this can be a decent Bluetooth receiver in a small size. It has solid qualities along with a flawless design to use this device anywhere. In the event that you want a commendable product, this can be a great choice at this cost.

Important Things to Know While Buying The Best Bluetooth Receivers For Headphones

Best Bluetooth Receivers For Headphones Reviews.
Best Bluetooth Receivers For Headphones

Regardless of what you are getting, you have to know how to choose the best product for yourself among numerous advertised things. The market is colossal and there are a few bad yet in addition a few brilliant things out there. You have to be careful and plan every purchase to spend your money on quality products.

We have decided to conclude our article on the best Bluetooth headphone adapters in 2021 with certain pieces of advice that ought to help you during the search. Here are the main things you have to ponder.


The first thing you ought to do while purchasing a new product is to ponder its motivation carefully. To get a Bluetooth headphone receiver (adapter), you have to realize when and how you will utilize it. For example, on the off chance that you want the receiver for your old wired earbuds, you ought to consider the smallest adapters you can get as they are the lightest and they can even be used for running or working out. If you want to use the adapter for physical activities, you ought to also attempt to get one with the clip on the back so you can attach it to your shirt or the edge of your pocket.

Price range

After characterizing the reason for your new device, you have to realize the amount of money you possess or the amount you want to spend on one adapter. That is very important as it will abbreviate the time spent searching for the new adapter. You will focus on the products in a single price range and will not invest energy contemplating those that are unavailable.


Bluetooth headphone adapter has to be portable and user-friendly. That for the most part means it has to be as small as possible, as light as possible, and that the adapter has nicely conveyed control buttons so the user invests less energy setting the adapter up. For example, on the off chance that you want an adapter for running, you would purchase a small and light adapter with a clip. If you want to be available for phone calls during your running meetings, you will look for the adapter with a nicely situated mic, so the adapter can be attached near your mouth. The adapter ought to have as many separate controls as possible because it is easier to have one power button, one button for answering calls, and separate buttons for controlling the volume and skipping tracks as you will invest less energy learning when you want to press the button for one, two or five second to set the device up.

Bluetooth version

Bluetooth version is very important as it affects the largeness of the signal range and the connection quality. Newer Bluetooth versions offer a more extensive range as well as better connection and better sound quality.

Older Bluetooth versions were compressing documents excessively and the sound quality was much more regrettable. Today we have aptX or A2DP profiles that compress documents less than older versions, making them more pleasant for listening.


The greater part of the Bluetooth headphone adapters is compatible with the majority of headphones and earbuds, as well as speakers. Assuming your device has a 3.5mm jack and your adapter has a 3.5mm port, you will have no issues. However, as we have referenced before, a few headphones have more slender connectors/ports, which means you should purchase special adapters made for that model of headphones or some universal adapter with different sorts of ports.

Additional features

Having additional features isn’t mandatory yet they can be very useful, especially because many adapters offer many features for a reasonable amount of money.

AptX (low latency)

AptX is the Bluetooth profile that preserves the quality of the sound on your headphones (there is also an A2DP profile that has the same reason). If your receiver/transmitter features support for aptX low latency profile, you will actually want to watch movies on your TV right away. It doesn’t really always work and it is important that the receiving and the transmitting device are compatible and support aptX low latency, yet assuming you manage to combine them nicely, it very well may be really useful and refreshing.

Functional mic

Not all Bluetooth headphone adapters have mics. Not all people consider they are necessary. Assuming you do, you ought to get the adapter with worked mic, however, you have to make sure it is strategically situated and that it works nicely so the other person can hear you normally even if the mic isn’t right next to your mouth.

Dual connection

The likelihood to connect your receiver to two devices simultaneously is very useful. That means you can pair it to two phones or a phone and a tablet, so you can, for example, take calls from one device and stream music from another.

In the event that you have the transmitter with this feature, you and your companion or partner can watch the same movie with two pairs of Bluetooth headphones when you would rather not upset others.

Two operating modes

Many newer adapters are actually the two receivers and transmitters. They can be very cheap and even in the event that you don’t think you really want the transmitter, you should seriously mull over purchasing the transceiver as the second feature can be useful someday. The important thing is to switch between modes while the adapter is turned off.

We have come to the furthest limit of this article on the 17 best Bluetooth headphone adapters in 2021. We trust it was useful and that it will help you track down the right adapter for yourself as well as your devices.

Best Bluetooth Receivers For Headphones FAQs

Can I turn my wired headphones into wireless ones?

Indeed, you can and it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. You simply need the right Bluetooth headphone adapter. They are usually priced under $30 and they can easily turn your wired headphones into Bluetooth headphones.

What is a Bluetooth headphone adapter/Bluetooth audio jack adapter?

Bluetooth headphone adapters, Bluetooth audio jack adapters, and Bluetooth dongles are all the terms used for Bluetooth receivers and transmitters. The reason for these devices is to turn your wired audio equipment into wireless (Bluetooth) equipment.

Bluetooth receivers, as the name infers, should be connected to non-Bluetooth sound output devices (speakers, headphones, car audio systems). They receive the Bluetooth signal from a Bluetooth-enabled source (phone, tablet, PC, laptop, TV).

Bluetooth transmitters should be connected to non-Bluetooth audio sources (like non-Bluetooth TV, CD player, etc.). They stream Bluetooth audio signal to the Bluetooth-enabled sound output devices (Bluetooth headphones, Bluetooth speakers).

There are numerous Bluetooth adapters that can both – receive and transmit the Bluetooth signal. They are usually called Bluetooth transceivers.

Are all Bluetooth adapters the same?

No, they are not all the same. Other than the obvious difference in design, they also have different features. First, everything being equal, don’t all use the same Bluetooth version and don’t support the same sort of Bluetooth codecs. This is particularly important while looking for a Bluetooth headphone adapter that will allow you to watch TV. That sort of Bluetooth adapter should support the aptX LL Bluetooth codec. Without this codec, you will experience some lip-sync issues.

Also, some Bluetooth adapters have an implicit mic and a few basic controls while others don’t.

Are Bluetooth adapters any good?

Indeed, they are. They can easily turn your wired headphones into wireless and they all deliver a fairly reliable Bluetooth connection. However, they don’t all deliver the same sort of audio quality. The sound quality will depend on the Bluetooth version and on the supported Bluetooth codecs. For the best possible listening experience, you want a Bluetooth adapter that supports standard SBC and AAC as well as advanced Bluetooth audio codecs – aptX, aptX LL, aptX HD, aptX Adaptive, and/or LDAC.

Should I buy a headphone adapter with aptX/aptX LL/aptX HD support?

Indeed, you ought to. AptX LL is the most important codec to use your headphones (and adapter) for TV watching or for watching any video content. aptX HD is profoundly desirable on the off chance that you want the best possible sound quality while listening to music.

Which is the best Bluetooth headphone adapter?

The market is overwhelmed with all sorts of adapters and a large portion of them offer satisfying performance. Our favorite brands are TaoTronics, Avantree, Mpow, Anker, AUKEY, and TROND.

Final Thoughts: Best Bluetooth Receivers For Headphones

Since we have presented the 10 best Bluetooth receivers for headphones, we have to say a couple of words about the characteristics and features you ought to be looking for in a Bluetooth headphone adapter, after all, we have frankly revealed a few disadvantages of these products so every purchaser could understand what he is dealing with.

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